Marcus Grimm

Chief Growth Officer
Web Talent Marketing

Marcus Grimm

Chief Growth Officer
Web Talent Marketing
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Marcus Grimm is the Chief Growth Officer for Web Talent Marketing, a full-service digital marketing agency in Lancaster, PA.

Marcus has spent more than two decades in digital marketing, split evenly between client-side and agency-side. He was an early adopter of content marketing and marketing automation and still counts them among his favorite weapons in the war for attention.

He graduated from Elizabethtown College and is a frequent speaker on the use of technology to bridge the often inherent gaps between marketing and sales.


Rewriting the Laws of Marketing: How to Differentiate Your Brand Now that Amazon’s Gone and Broke Everything


If you’ve been around marketing for a while, there are several theories that you’ve undoubtedly heard before — laws like the Project Management Triangle. But with shifting buying habits, mainly driven by Amazon, things have radically changed. I’d even argue: broke.

How are brands to compete now that every market feels saturated? By breaking free from the outdated laws that once defined us, marketers can let their creativity run wild as they develop new, inspiring USPs and ad strategies.

Key Takeaways

  • Understand why dated USPs like speed and price no longer cut it in today’s digital marketplace
  • Combat inherent competitor intimacy on Amazon with Storefronts and other proven strategies
  • Maximize Amazon’s flywheel effect and start boosting their organic ranking on the platform through smart paid advertising

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