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Insight Conference 2017

As we are well underway in planning the 2017 Insight Marketing Conference we are getting excited about the speaker lineup for this year’s conference.  The conference is going to be at the Ware Center again in downtown Lancaster, PA on September 14th.

Marketers are facing an unknown path ahead of them with new and different marketing channels being introduced almost every week. The marketing mix strategies that seemed to work 2 or 3 years ago might not work as well this year.

At Insight Marketing Conference, Lancaster Marketing Group will bring in speakers from all different industry verticals as well as for-profit and non-profit companies to help you know what has worked for them and where they think you should be focusing going forward. You will learn about marketing from start to finish – from campaign planning to analyzing your campaigns performance. Come hear from noted brands and thinkers on how you can reimagine your company’s marketing campaigns.

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Please check out pictures from last year’s conference on Flickr and read more about it here from last year’s speak Kerry Gorgone.

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