Nationally Renowned Thought Leaders in Marketing

Conversation makers that know how to dive into current marketing topics

Ann Handley

Chief Content Officer

Kerry O’Shea Gorgone

Senior Program Manager

Paul Klebanov

SEMRush, Marketing Educator & Speaker

Purna Virji

Microsoft, Keynote Speaker and Columnist on Voice Search, PPC, SEO, CRO, Content Marketing

Sovanna Mam

Executive Producer and Founder, Greenfish Labs
Eric Matisoff

Eric Matisoff

Analytics & Data Science Evangelist
Adobe Systems Incorporated

Becky Svendsen

Communications Director for HOPE International

Oliver Feakins

President, Track5Media
Abby Feuer

Abby Feuer

VP, Marketing & Community

Cliff Lewis

Executive Creative Director, Godfrey

Justin Emig

Director of Search Marketing, Web Talent

Danielle Brigida

U.S. Fish & WIldlife Service

Ekom Enyong

SEO/Paid Search Specialist, Make & Model Marketing

Scott Trobaugh

Vice President, Executive Creative Director, Godfrey

Eric Kazda

President, Quantum Dynamix

Allen Clements

Senior Producer, writer, and head of Animation/VFX at MAKE films
Derek Dienner

Derek Dienner

Creative Director and Founder at MAKE films

John Walker

Digital Marketing Director- Steinman Communications

Benjamin Bachman

Account Leader, Operations & Inbound Strategist