Leveraging Human Bias for Marketing Success

Marcus Grim
26 Sep 2018
11:00 am - 11:50 am

Leveraging Human Bias for Marketing Success

Bias is inherent within the human condition. The decisions we make aren’t simply because we’ve been properly targeted by a compelling offer. Rather, we move toward or away from offers because of the biases that have formed in our own minds through our own experiences.

Walker & Grimm will explore some of the hundreds of documented biases that exist within the human condition, reviewing published studies from the world’s top psychologists and behavioral economists, and then examining how marketers can use these biases to create true differentiation in the marketplace.

Marcus Grimm is a career marketer,  early adopter of content marketing and marketing automation, and a student of behavioral economics. He’s worked on both the agency and client side and is obsessed with the application of storytelling to marketing.

John Walker is a marketing leader with over 20 years of experience planning and implementing strategic marketing programs and building teams that deliver remarkable results. He’s a collaborative leader with experience across multiple product categories at marketing agencies, in brand management, and in the media and publishing industry.

Together, they host Marketing With Walker & Grimm, a podcast on marketing produced by LNP, currently in its second season.

Listeners will learn what a “bias” is. They’ll be exposed to several biases, including research studies that have been conducted through the years. Finally, we’ll examine how messaging and context should be adapted to respond to biases in the marketplace.